Main Quest
After Them!

The High Road
Illydia Maethellyn After defeating the initial wave of bandits.
Jarhild Stoneforge After removing the blockade.

Description Edit

After Them! is part of the main quest in the prologue of Sword Coast Legends. After dispatching the bandits attacking the caravan and meeting up with Illydia and Larethar, you decide to take the fight to the bandits instead of waiting to be hit again.

Quest objectives Edit

  1. Track the attackers to their hideout
  2. Enter the hideout
  3. Find a key to the sealed door
  4. Search the hideout for the leader
  5. Find Belamy

Walkthrough Edit

After having saved the caravan from the bandits attacking it, you can use the newly opened passage to advance further into the map. along the way there are some wolves as well as several more bandits to fight, untill you eventually make your way to the entrance of the Mercenaries' cave.

Making your way through the caves, there will be plenty of bandits to fight. You should also familiarize yourself with the rogue's search mechanic, as there are secret containers/rooms and traps along the way to be found. At a certain point during your progression you will see two of your fellow guild members tied up in the distance, during a cutscene they are both killed after which Belamy will leave your party and storm ahead.

Shortly after this you will come upon Hommet Shaw, a wizard who was part of the other caravan that was guarded by members of your guild. after a short conversation he will offer to join your party. Continue through the caves, untill you eventually come to the final room just in time to see Belamy being killed, after which you will have to fight Sir Banagar along with a few of his goons.

Once you have defeated his allies and dealt enough damage to Sir Banagar he will offer to surrender. You can decide to either accept his surrender and let him go, or to simply outright kill him. depending on your choice here another quest in a later act will play out differently.

After having made your choice, exit the caves to find yourself on a ledge above the caravan. Travel along it to find the mechanism that gets rid of the blockade, and return back to Jarhild to tell her what happened. Afterwards, you can use the area exit at the north end of the map to finish the quest and progress the story.

Journal Edit

Quest stage Description
1 With the road blocked ahead, the caravan is prone to another attack. The strangers Illydia and Larethar have joined you. Jarhild agreed to stay behind as a guard while you follow the bandits' tracks back to their hideout and take the fight to them.
2 You tracked the mercenaries to an ominous cave entrance in the mountainside. Finding their leader should yield results.
3 You ventured inside the caves only to discover an expanse of winding tunnels. You need to find out who is in charge around here.
4 You witnessed the murder of your guildmates at the hands of a knight named Sir Banagar and his High Commander, Javen Tarmikos. Belamy rushed off alone to avenge their deaths. You need to find Belamy quickly, before he does something that might get him killed.
5 You met a strange wizard named Hommet in the caves. The wizard agreed to join your party.
6 You found Belamy, but not before he caught up with Sir Banagar. The knight burned Belamy at the stake and dropped his body into a chasm, leaving you no choice but to avenge your friend's death.
7 Banagar and his mercenaries are defeated. He asked for an honorable surrender, and now you hold his fate in your hands.
8a There has been enough death today. You decided that more slaughter would not bring back those who were lost. Banagar seemed genuinely surprised by your mercy.
8b --Journal text for killing Banagar currenly unknown--
9 You discovered that these attacks were not random, but rather specifically targeted at your guild. You need to find some proof of this for Jarhild.
10 Outside the cave, you reach the mechanism holding the blockade in place. If you can Dismantle it, the caravan should be able to leave the forest unhindered.
11 With the mercenaries dead or fleeing and the road ahead clear, you must tell Jarhild everything that's happened.
12 The caravan is loaded up and ready to move, but it's still a fair bit of travel to Luskan. You need only to lead the caravan out of the forest.