Sword Coast Legends features real-time combat, with the ability to pause. When paused, the player can view the battle as it is going on and give orders to their party members.

The game also features several options to automatically pause the game when a certain condition is met, for example when one of your party members is badly hurt or when a spell is cast.

Combat is performed in combat rounds. One combat Round lasts 2 seconds, any bonus to Action Speed lowers the length of your combat round. Haste III (which gives an action speed bonus of 100%) lowers this to 1 second per round, meaning the character can perform 2 attacks in the time it would usually take to just perform 1.

Combat tips Edit

Elemental resistances - Many monsters in the game are either resistant or weak to certain types of elemental damage. A spider for example, might be resistant to poison damage, and a zombie might be weak against radiant damage, while being resistant to necrotic damage. Be sure to read your bestiary once a monster has been encountered - it will list what kind of damage a monster is weak or resistant to.

Friendly fire - When playing a game on medium or hard difficulty, friendly fire is introduced to combat. This means that when abilities or spells are used that target a certain area instead of a specific creature, any friendly characters standing in that same area will also suffer the effects.

Positioning - Have your stronger characters take the brunt of the enemy as your front line, while your weaker characters hang back at a safe distance. This way, even if an area of effect ability hits your party members, it will only hit the front line who should be able to survive a hit or two.