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Released: To be announced
Community Pack Three is a downloadable content pack was scheduled for release somewhere in December of 2015.

The Patch would introduce mod support, including a tile based level editor, branching dialog editor and adjustable game systems like round timers, loot tables, etc. as well as the Option to disable monster level scaling in DM campaigns and introducing the Drow as a new playable race for players, changes to death penalties, stabilization mechanics, and loot drops.

However, many of these changes such as mod support and the introduction of the drow as a playable race have already been included in the previous free community packs, and Community Pack Three has been pushed back in favor of development of the console versions of Sword Coast Legends and the Rage of Demons expansion.

Patch pushback informationEdit

The following is an excerpt from the news section on the main Sword Coast Legends website. 

Greetings, Sword Coast community!

Since the launch of Sword Coast Legends on October 20, 2015, we’ve released two Community Update Packs on schedule. These community packs were entirely free and consisted of highly requested features, such as: playable drow elves, companion skill trees, hundreds of new placeable objects, additional monster abilities, character respecs, and much more (info here). Some elements of CP3, such as the introduction of mod support, were actually introduced earlier than expected.

When we published our State of the Game back in late October our intent was to release another free community update pack in December of 2015. December has come and gone, so where is CP3? At this point, CP3 is currently on hold while the team focuses on the Rage of Demons expansion, which now includes some bits we had originally thought to package with CP3.

We understand that people will be disappointed by this decision, but Rage of Demons is quite large and boasts a brand new adventure complete with new areas to explore, new placeable objects, a new playable race (Tieflings), new creatures, new bosses, new spells, a new playable Warlock class, WASD movement and much, much more.

Apologies for any frustration or confusion this has caused. Development is fluid! Know that the best is yet to come for SCL. We can’t wait to share what we’re working on in 2016!

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