Warning "Let no horses pull you forth, and ignore the signposts beside the path. We must each blaze our own trail through the wilderness, lest we lose ourselves along the way." -Gareth Dawntreader. ca. 1391 DR

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Dalanir Ch'fyr

Companions Dalanir
Hadden Paton

Description Edit

Outside of his magical disguise as Soronil Noonshadow, Dalanir maintains his aloof, mysterious demeanor. He is the brother of Tasyllys Ch'fyr and an agent of the drow mercenary guild known as Bregan D'aerthe, as well as a talented wizard in his own right. While Dalanir's true motivations may not be clear, his dedication to stopping his brother and the demon Belaphoss seem completely legitimate, and his spells and knowledge may prove valuable in the quest ahead.

Acquisition Edit

Dalanir can be acquired by returning to Soronil Noonshadow upon completing the quest Chaos Breaks Loose, after which he will reveal his true identity, and the fact that he is the brother to one of the main antagonists of the game, namely Tasyllys Ch'fyr.

After some exposition on his reason for disguising himself and not revealing the fact to the player and his party earlier, as well as his reasons for wanting to stop his brother and the demon Belaphoss, the player can accept his aid, after which he can be added to the party roster, otherwise he will move to the Adventurers Camp.

Companion quest Edit

Dalanir's companion quest is Family Ties, the quest will become available once the player has traveled to the underdark and recruited Izhkin as a companion.

Trivia Edit

Dalanir is voiced by Harry Hadden Paton.

Dalanir gets access to the Deception skill tree, unique to his character.

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