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Descended from an earlier subrace of dark-skinned elves, the drow were banished from the surface world for following the goddess Lolth down the path to evil and corruption. Since then they have built their own civilization in the depths of the Underdark, patterned after the Way of Lolth. Drow grow up believing that surface-dwelling races are inferior, worthless except as slaves.

Lolth is a demon lord, and also the main deity of the drow. Also known as the Spider Queen, her worship brings with it everything the drow hold dear; distrust, betrayal, and mad grabs for power.

Female drow with blood ties to a noble house are molded and trained from birth to become priestesses of Lolth. The Spider Queen doesn't allow male drow to hold such positions.Such priestesses execute the will of the Spider Queen, and as a result, they wield tremendous power and influence in drow society. The matron mothers who rule the drow houses are the most powerful of Lolth's priestesses, but they must constantly balance their devotion to the Spider Queen with their devotion to their families.

Privileged drow males who lack the strength and fighting prowess to train as warriors have no recourse but to pursue the study of magic. For them, it is a matter of survival. Female drow with a natural affinity for the arcane arts may also become drow mages, although they are much less common.

Those few who develop a conscience or find it necessary to cooperate with members of other races find that prejudice difficult to overcome, especially when most surface dwellers regard drow with suspicion, if not outright hatred.