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Dungeon Crawl mode features real-time dungeon mastering. The Dungeon Master selects the options for the dungeon including difficulty, size, theme, creatures and related quest. Players who have adventured in single player mode can continue the adventure in a related dungeon. As players (party size of 4) adventure through the dungeon, the DM has the ability to change, remove or add characteristics to the dungeon such as mobs, traps and other types of encounters. They can also add props and decoration. This is all done in real time so to help make it fair, the players will be able to see where the DM is working at any given moment. The DM's mouse pointer appears to the players as a wisp in the dungeon. 

DM's are limited by a meter called DM Threat. This starts out at 100 and is reduced as the DM makes changes to the dungeon. Changes can include adding props, setting traps, spawning monsters and hiding, locking, or unlocking doors. As players progress through the dungeon, the DM will occasionally find loot drops that will allow them to enhance the dungeon ever further. 

Dungeon optionsEdit

These are the options that can be set by the Dungeon Master

Floor type

Dungeon size



Tile Set (usually related to a faction or zone)

Creature set 1

Creature set 2

Encounter Diffculty