Warning "Let no horses pull you forth, and ignore the signposts beside the path. We must each blaze our own trail through the wilderness, lest we lose ourselves along the way." -Gareth Dawntreader. ca. 1391 DR

This section contains spoilers or significant plot details. Read at your own risk.

This page reveals the various endings after completing Sword Coast Legends.

During the game, the player learns that the demon Belaphoss wishes to use the power of the corrupted Moontear to ascend to godhood. The Moontear is an artifact of the godess Sehanine Moonbow, and is said to contain immense power. During the final quest of the game The Calling, the player is forced to make a decision on how to deal with the threat. The three available choices are as follows :

  1. Destroy the Moontear, possibly earning you te wrath of the elven pantheon known as the Seldarine.
  2. Don't destroy the Moontear, possibly allowing the demon to make it's power his own.
  3. Allow one of your companions Illydia Maethellyn, to sacrifice herself to cleanse the Moontear so it will become unusable by the demon.