Companion Quest
Family Ties

Adventurer's Camp
Dalanir Ch'fyr After starting Act 3.
Dalanir Ch'fyr After deciding what to do with his sister.
When killing Talisstra :

Crescent Fang dagger & Talisstra's Ring.
If letting Talisstra go :
Tome of Intelligence.
Danalir stat boosts.
Cured by priest of Corellon Larethian :
+1 Intelligence, +1 Constitution.
Cured by priestess of Lolth :

+2 Intelligence, -1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity.

Family Ties Edit

Family Ties is a companion quest in Sword Coast Legends.

Overview Edit

This quest only becomes available once the player has traveled to the Underdark area and has recruited Izhkin as a companion during the quest Into Eternal Night. Once the player has progressed up to this point in the main plot, they can return to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Dalanir to receive the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Advance the main quest up to the point where you have traveled to the underdark and recruited Izhkin.
  2. Head back to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Dalanir to receive the quest.
  3. Dalanir will ask you to locate Valagh in the Underdark, he can be found in the Shattered Spires Inn in the Duergar city of Gracklstugh.
  4. Valagh will inform you that Dalanir's sister Talisstra as captured by Bregan Daerthe and is being held in Belwar Mine, unlocking the location on your world map.
  5. Travel to Belwar Mine, several puzzles will need to be solved to make your way deeper inside.
  6. Once you have progressed through the area you will come upon an agent for the Bregan Daerthe guarding the room where Talisstra is being kept.
  7. (optional) During dialogue, it is possible to convince the guard to give you an amulet he took off Talisstra earlier.
  8. Confront Talisstra, during conversation you can push Dalanir to either kill his sister or decide to let her go.
  9. In case you decide to let her go, Talisstra will give Dalanir Lolth's blessing - however it seems to weaken him instead of helping him.
  10. Find a priest to cure Dalanir, one option is a priest of Corellon larethian in Luskan's marketplace, he resides in a residence on the east side of the area. Another option is a priestess of Lolth, residing in the city of Gracklstugh inside a residence on the northeastern side of town.
  11. The ritual to remove Lolth's influence will either cost you several thousand gold, or you can barter Talisstra's amulet if you got it from the Bregan D'aerthe agent.

Journal Edit

Quest Stage Description
1 Dalanir received a letter from Bregan D'aerthe that had information about his sister, Talisstra. He asked you help him locate Valagh somewhere within the Underdark. Your best bet would be to check any taverns you come across.
2 Valagh informed you that Talisstra was being held by Bregan D'aerthe in Belwar Mine. Dalanir explained how she had repeatedly attempted to sacrifice him to Lolth, and that Tasyllys actually helped him escape Menzoberranzan. Dalanir resolved to journey to Belwar Mine and settle things with his sister.
3 After a day's walk you found Belwar Mine. It appeared abandoned, but Dalanir assured you that Talisstra was somewhere within.
4 A Bregan D'aerthe agent guarding Talisstra's prison confirmed that it was up to Dalanir to determin Talisstra's fate.
5a ?? --journal information when you kill Talisstra currently unknown--
5b With your encouragement, Dalanir decided to allow his sister to live. Before leaving, Talisstra granted Dalanir a blessing from Lolth.
6 Unfortunately, Lolth's blessing turned out to be more of a curse, and it significantly weakened Dalanir. Your best hope was to find someone who could remedy the curse, such as a priest or priestess. You could probably find one in any large city.
7a ?? --journal information on Lolth's priestess currently unknown--
7b You found a priest back in Luskan who was able to remove Lolth's influence from the blessing, empowering Dalanir with newfound energy.