Hommet Hears a Harpell Edit

Hommet Hears a Harpell is a companion quest in Sword Coast Legends.

Overview Edit

This quest is automatically available to the player once they reach the marketplace in Luskan. Once the area has been entered from the sewers, the player can return to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Hommet to start it.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Advance the main storyline far enough to be able to enter the Marketplace.
  2. Travel to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Hommet to receive the quest.
  3. Travel to the book cache in the Marketplace, and speak with Dagatha.
  4. Travel to the newly revealed location on the Faerûn world map called Tomb of the Ashen Priest.
  5. Explore the tomb, finding the three missing tome pages on various bodies spread around the area.
  6. Find the Altar of Ashes after retrieving all three pages and have Hommet recite the incantation.
  7. Travel further into the tomb to find the Ashen Priest and defeat him.
  8. Travel back to the book cache in Luskan to return the tome to Dagatha in the book cache.

Journal Edit

Quest Stage Description
1 Hommet mentioned that he's interested in resuming his studies and becoming a truly powerful and respected wizard. He received a letter from a woman named Dagatha and has asked you to accompany him to meet her at the book cache in Luskan.
2 Dagatha gave Hommet an ancient book and revealed the location of the Tomb of the Ashen Priest, a place rumored to contain great treasure to be won at great cost. Hommet asked politely that you join him on this new adventure.
3 You arrived at the Tomb of the Ashen Priest to find nothing but bones and the scent of brimstone. The tome makes mention of an altar but the tome's missing pages leave out some crucial information.
4 The altar of ashes requires an incantation to be spoken before its secret can be revealed. Hommet suggests that the words must be from the tome's missing pages.
5 Reciting the correct incantation uncovered a hidden chamber behind the altar. The heat from the place is nearly overwhelming. This must be the final resting place of the Ashen Priest
6 The Ashen Priest offered Hommet a great deal of power, but Hommet showed great courage by turning him down. You must face the fury of the Ashen Priest and defeat the ancient undead wizard in combat.
7 The Ashen Priest was no match for your combat prowess. Hommet suggests a visit to Dagatha in order to return the book.
8 Dagatha revealed herself as a Harpell and revealed Hommet's own Harpell lineage. Dagatha invited Hommet back to Longsaddle to further his studies under the tutelage of the Harpell family.