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It takes a lot for a young wizard to be exiled from Longsaddle, the home of the famously eccentric Harpell wizards, but Hommet Shaw managed to pull it off. He’s a very talented wizard, but his attention to detail leaves something to be desired… to say the least. He’s young, and eager, and desperate to prove himself, but, well, necromancy isn’t the most widely accepted magical specialty, and it’s hard to find a mentor who won’t go all “Dine upon the fearsome hatred of the DEAD!” on you. When he sees a chance to accompany the heroes into battle, he takes it as a chance to prove himself… and make some friends in the bargain.

Acquisition Edit

Hommet can be obtained during the After Them! quest, during which you travel along the Mercenaries' Cave to track the bandits that attacked the caravan you were guarding. Along the way you will find Hommet, who explains he was part of the other caravan guarded by members of the Burning Dawn which was also attacked by the same mercenaries. He stayed alive by acting like he was a corpse, which was hauled back to the cave by the mercenaries. After this brief exposition the player can accept his offer to join your party.

Companion quest Edit

Hommet's personal quest is Hommet Hears a Harpell, which can be obtained as soon as the player has entered Luskan's Marketplace by traveling back to the Adventurer's Camp and speaking with Hommet.

Trivia Edit

  • Hommet is voiced by Joshua McGuire.
  • Hommet was born to a farmers, in a small village near Longsaddle.
  • Hommet claims that his extended family killed one another during a feud over the ownership of a large tomato.
  • As a scrawny child, Hommet struggled with the daily chores of farm life.
  • Hommet tells players that his family sought another family with whom they could trade, a son for a son. This is how he came under the care of Kipper Harpell, of the Harpell wizards.

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