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A moon-elf cleric of Sehanine Moonbow, Illydia has seen more pain and loss in her 140 years than even most elves see in a lifetime, but her faith in Sehanine Moonbow (a goddess of the moon and dreams) keeps her mind centered and her heart hopeful. With her ever-loyal friend and bodyguard Larethar by her side, she uses her talents with a bow and her goddess’ blessings to make up for her own past mistakes.

Acquisition Edit

Illydia can be obtained during the quest Wake Up. After helping Belamy defeat the bandits and returning to the caravan, you will be hailed by Illydia and Larethar, and after a brief conversation they will both join your party.

Companion quest Edit

Illydia's companion quest is Sins of the Past, which can be obtained by speaking with her in the Adventurer's Camp after making your way to the Underdark and recovering Tezzarae's Journal.

Trivia Edit

  • Illydia is voiced by Olivia Vinall.
  • Illydia get's access to an unique skill tree called Priestess of Sehanine, which replaces the Divine skill tree. Additionally, she also gets the Archery skill tree for free.
  • When she was fifteen years old, a toddling babe by elvish standards, Illydia had a close friend, named Cerric.
  • Illydia's parents didn't approve of her friendship with Cerric. They even went so far as to scold and punish her to keep them apart.
  • Driven away from town by grief over her parents' cruelty, Illydia encountered a traveling band of drow in disguise, claiming to be weary souls in need of refuge. Although she recognized the drow for who they were, vengeance drove Illydia to give them directions to her village, hoping to punish those who kept her and Cerric apart. The travelers ended up being a forward scouting party for a band of drow raiders. The raiders plundered the town, capturing Illydia and her people. The drow also took the Moontear, a sacred relic of Sehanine Moonbow that was being guarded by the village.

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