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Javen Tarmikos

TheGildedEye Javen
Waylaid while on your way to the Evermoors
John Hopkins

Description Edit

Infuriated by what he saw as a "weakness" in the Order of the Gauntlet, Javen Tarmikos left the knightly order and founded his own branch: The Order of the Gilded Eye. Whereas the Gauntlet frowned upon pre-emptive strikes on alleged demons and devils, the Gilded Eye had no such compunctions against taking immediate and decisive action. Tarmikos has ammassed quite a following among the knights of Helm who feel that the Order of the Gauntlet does not go far enough, and his faith in Helm is such that he believes himself to truly be walking the righteous path.

Acquisition Edit

Javen tarmikos is first introduced as an antagonist in the Mercenaries' Cave during the prologue quest After Them!. After the player has progressed through the main storyline far enough and has completed the quest Chaos Breaks Loose, they will be waylaid during travel to the Evermoors by Javen and a few Gilded Eye members. after defeating them the player will enter conversation with Javen, and with a sufficiently high strength or charisma score can pass a check to convince him to join their party.

Companion Quest Edit

Javen's companion quest is The Zealot's Gambit, the player can obtain this quest by talking to Javen in the Adventurer's Camp after completing The Lair of Rhylfang, the quest at the end of act 2.

Trivia Edit

Javen is voiced by John Hopkins.

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