Journal Screenshot

The journal is part of the user interface in Sword Coast Legends. Here the player will find any new entries that are added to their quest log, as well as descriptions of the creatures, locations and characters they encounter during the game. The journal also contains a section describing many of the deities in the forgotten realms setting, though this is mostly for flavor.


Quests - Details the quests you receive, as well as updates as you progress through them. main quests are detailed in the act categories, while side quests are listed under the category for the area they take place in. These categories are further split in Active and completed quests.

Bestiary - Details concerning the enemies the player has fought. Once a creature has been encountered, a description will be added here, along with information such as their ability scores, level and what types of damage they are resistant to.

Locations - This section holds short synopses for the areas the player has finished.

Characters - A listing of important non-player character the player encounters, such as companions and antagonists.

Deities - A listing of the deities in the forgotten realms setting, giving a short description and showing the deities emblem.