The Order of the Burning Dawn

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Burning Dawn Guildhouse in Luskan
Gareth and Roth Dawntreader

Legends tell that after the Time of Troubles, the elven goddess Sehanine Moonbow wept for those divine souls that fell in the Godswar. From her eyes fell the Moontear, a relic said to contain a mote of Sehanine's divine power. The Moontear was hidden by the elves... but not forgotten. A century ago, two brothers, one gentle and scholarly, the other brash and courageous, sought to find the lost relic. They founded an adventuring guild, called the Order of the Burning Dawn, and sealed their purpose with an oath to find the Moontear and use it to bring light to a world filled with darkness.

Not long after they sealed the pact, both brothers were lost, and the Guild's original purpose was lost with them. Today the guild offers equipment, shelter, and paying work for adventurers looking to do a little good while they make a little coin.