Quests Edit

This page lists all quests in Sword Coast Legends.

Main Questline : Edit

The following quests follow each other in succession to advance the main quest line.

Prologue Edit

Act 1 Edit

  • Rat Race
  • Making An Entrance
  • The Contact
  • Into the Dead City
  • The Mind of Madness

Act 2 Edit

  • Sticky Situation
  • Spiderbane
  • The Next Move
  • An Eye for an Eye
  • Chaos Breaks Loose
  • The Lair of Rhylfang

Act 3 Edit

  • The Rusted Amulet
  • The Dented Amulet
  • The Filthy Amulet
  • The Itchy Amulet
  • A Touch of Poison
  • Into Eternal Night
  • City of the Gray Dwarves
  • Prison for the Mind
  • The Traitor's Wake
  • The Calling

Companion Quests Edit

Almost all of the companions in the game have a personal quest you can help them complete, they will offer you these quests back in the adventurer's camp once you have progressed far enough into the story.

Quest name Companion Start Location Notes
Family Matters Jarhild The Cutlass, Luskan
Pulled Back In Larethar The Cutlass, Luskan
Hommet Hears a Harpell Hommet Book Cache, Luskan
Sins of the Past Illydia Shrine at Und'ok, Underdark You will need to retrieve Tezzarae's journal before you can start the quest.
Family Ties Dalanir The Shattered Spire, Darklake District Quest will only be offered to you by Dalanir once you have recruited Izhkin
Hearts of Stone Bryn Marketplace, Luskan
The Zealot's Gambit Javen Gilded Eye Chapterhouse, Faerûn You need to finish the quest The Lair of Rhylfang before this becomes available.
Golgamann's Deal Izhkin The Slums, Luskan

Side Quests Edit

These quests have no influence on the main story line, but rather are offered along the way by NPC's you meet in the locations you visit.

The High Road Edit

  • A Dog's Life
  • Wayward Trader
  • Wagon Down
  • The Twin Crest
  • A Shady Deal
  • A Fetching Fungus

City Gates Edit

  • Howl at the Moon
  • A Shanty of Our Own

Mercenaries' Cave Edit

  • A Merc's Dying Wish

Sewers Edit

  • Not Dead Yet...
  • Dead Rat Revival

Market District Edit

  • Bloody Pirates
  • Free the Bartender
  • A Trader's Fate
  • The Other Luskan Cult
  • Alterations Observations
  • Serving Bregan D'aerthe
  • Rare Vintage
  • Dozing Damsel
  • Neverending Dozing Damsel
  • The Marked Rubies

Neverwinter Wood Edit

  • Big Game Hunting

Gilded Eye Chapterhouse Edit

  • The Blind Beggar
  • List of Names
  • Cult of Ghaunadaur

Evermoors Edit

Troll Cave Edit

  • Troll Patriarch

The Forlorn Cliffs Edit

  • Burning Ambition
  • Puzzling Portals
  • Speak No Evil

Underdark Descent Edit

  • The Blood Debt
  • The Porters

Darklake District Edit

  • To Catch a Thief
  • Grack in Black

Thangar's Stash Edit

  • Slave or Chief?
  • Return of the Chief
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