Sins of the Past Edit

Sins of the Past is a companion quest in Sword Coast Legends.

Overview Edit

Notes on this quest become available to the player's journal through dialog with Illydia about her past in the Adventurer's Camp, however the quest only becomes fully available later on in the game once the player has traveled to the Underdark and has retrieved Tezzarae's Journal. Once the journal has been recovered, the player can return to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Illydia to start it.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Throughout completing the game's main storyline, continue to head back to the Adventurer's camp every so often and ask Illydia about her past.
  2. Continue on to the story untill you have traveled to the Underdark and recovered Tezzarae's journal.
  3. Head back to the Adventurer's Camp and speak with Illydia to receive the quest.
  4. Stay in the Adventurer's camp and talk to Dalanir, one of the other companions you should have picked up by this point.
  5. Dalanir will point out a new location on your map : The shrine at Und'ok. Use the world map to travel here.
  6. Clear out the Shrine at Und'ok area, at the end of which you will find Lady Zinsianna and Cerric.
  7. After a brief dialogue during which Illydia convinces Cerric not to attack, Lady Zinsianna will turn hostile and must be defeated.
  8. (optional) complete the ritual by grabbing the Ceremonial Drow Dagger from a nearby container and using it on the altar.
  9. Escort Cerric back to the exit of the area.

Journal Edit

Quest Stage Description
1 Illydia allowed you a brief glimpse into her past. Perhaps in time she will reveal more.
2 After finding Tezzarae's journal, Illydia discovered information about her past. Dalanir may have information that could shine some light on these discoveries.
3 Dalanir told you of a drow holy place known as the Shrine at Und'ok and of Lady Zinsianna, a drow priestess said to worship there.
4 You arrived at the Shrine at Und'ok and found the caves here both dark and cold. Illydia wants only to find Cerric and quit this place as soon as possible.
5 You found Cerric indentured to the Lady Zinsianna. She must be defeated if you are to ever leave this place.
6 You defeated Lady Zinsianna in combat. The only exit from the shrine is the way you came in.
7 You finished the summoning ritual within the Shrine at Und'ok.
8 Illydia and Cerric were reunited, and you managed to free Cerric from Zinsianna's web. Illydia can now put her ghosts to rest and be at peace with the memory of her town.

Notes Edit

Completing the ritual on the altar does not seem to serve any specific purpose. On doing so the only thing that appears to happen is that half a dozen spiderlings are spawned in the room for the party to defeat for some additional experience.