Main Quest

Dawn Guild Hall
Starts automatically, when starting the game.
After reaching the end of the guildhall basement.

Details Edit

Survive! is the very first quest in the game and acts as a tutorial for new players. It is possible to skip this quest by turning off the option "play tutorial on new characters" in the options menu before starting a new game.

Quest objectives Edit

  1. Enter the Armory at the end of the hall.
  2. Retrieve your gear from the chest.
  3. Equip your weapon.
  4. Equip your armor.
  5. Exit the Armory.
  6. Defeat the enemy.
  7. Gather your allies.
  8. Stop the invaders.
  9. Exit the building.
  10. Get the ritual skull.
  11. Place the skull on the brazier.
  12. Enter the basement.
  13. Talk to Arnax.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is easily completed by simply following the objectives, if you have not turned them off several tutorial windows will pop up to give you information on how to perform actions such as attacking and equipping items.

Journal Edit

Quest stage Description
1 You woke up to an attack on your guild hall. Your fellow members Gil and Neddy have gone downstairs to defend the building. Get your gear in the armory so you can join the fight.
2 You've entered the armory. Click on the chest to access your gear.
3 Open the inventory and equip your weapon.
4 Open the inventory and equip your armor.
5 You've equipped your gear. Exit the armory and continue your journey.
6 With your weapon and armor equipped you are now prepared to face the enemy. Defeat the invading knights so you can get downstairs and join your allies.
7 The knights who reached the upper floor have been dispatched. Go downstairs to join your allies and repel the rest of the invaders.
8 With your allies at your side you were able to defeat the unknown enemies who entered the guild hall. Exit out the front door to discover the source of the attacks.
9 Fire and fallen debris have blocked the front door. There's a secret way into the basement you can use to escape but you'll need to complete a magic ritual.
10 Place the ritual skull onto the brazier in the guild hall to escape through the basement.
11 With the ritual complete the hatch to the basement is unlocked. Use the hatch to enter the guildhall basement.
12 This isn't the basement you remember. Search around for allies to help you discover the cause of the strange attack.
13 You came across a fellow guild member. With his help you may be able to find out why the guild is under attack and who is attacking it.
14 The strange nightmare has ended.