Objectives Edit

  1. Search for the Milner's father
  2. Bring the Milner Family Ring to Edward

Reward Edit


Dialogue Edit

  • Acquire
  • Quest Items:
  • Turn-In
    • Edward Milner: "Oh... hello again, friend. Sorry to greet you in such a state... but I'm afraid that nausea was something much worse. Feels... feels like my stomach is on fire."
    • Edward Milner: "Afraid it may be spider's poison. T-took an anti-toxin already, just waiting. Waiting for the pain to die down....
    • Edward Milner: "Heh heh, such a sorry state I'm in... I couldn't go out there *ugh* even if I wanted to. Here's hoping you brought good news."
      1. "Your father is dead."
        • Irene Milner: "Dead?! That's impossible! That's--"
        • Edward Milner: "Enough, Irene. Look, they've brought back his ring. Its *groan* just as I feared.
      2. "I found your father's ring."
        •  ???
    • Edward Milner: "You see now? This place will kill us if we stay! We... we have to leave now, before we're overrun!"
    • Edward Milner: "F-Father wouldn't want us to die here out of sentiment. He would want us to move on, lead happy lives somewhere better than this."
    • Edward Milner: "We can at least make it to Mirabar with the supplies we have now. It... it will *ugh* be fine."
    • Irene Milner: "But you're sick..."
    • Edward Milner: "J-just stomach pain from the poison... it'll paAAGHH!"
      1. "What's wrong?"
        • "They're crawling! I can feel them crawling inside! Help me! Please, it hurts!"
      2. "Get away from him!"
        •  ???
    • Irene Milner: "Edward! What's happening?!"
    • Edward Milner: "Irene... I...."
    • *Edward Milner dies (explodes) and two (2) Spiderlings spawn* (Reminiscent of the movie Aliens)
    • Irene Milner: "Edward?! Edward! What did you do to my brother?!"
    • Irene Milner: "You killed him! You and those horrible monsters! Father was right, none of you are to be trusted!"
      1. "It wasn't my fault!"
        • Irene Milner: "Liar! You brought him here... you brought that thing here! That wasn't my brother! It was a trick, a trick to get those monsters into our house!"
      2. "It was the spiders."
        •  ???
    • Irene Milner: "My brother's still out there! Yes... yes, he's still out there. In trouble! And they sent you here to trick me so I wouldn't go find him!"
    • Irene Milner: "Stay away from me! I have to find my brother! I have to find father!"