ROD Splash

Rage of demons splash featuring a female tiefling.

Tieflings are a new playable race set to be introduced by the Rage of Demons expansion to Sword Coast Legends that is currently in development.

These powerful humanoids are infused with the touch of the fiendish planes, most often through descent from fiends—demons, devils, evil deities, and others who had bred with humans. Tieflings are known for their cunning and personal allure, which makes them excellent deceivers as well as inspiring leaders when prejudices are laid aside.

Although their evil ancestors can be many generations removed, the taint lingers. However, tieflings are not predisposed to evil alignments.

They gain the following benefits from their racial abilities :

Hellish Resistance: All fire damage is reduced by 50 per cent.

Hellish Rebuke: Flames surround the caster, reaching out and burning any creature that attacks for the next forty seconds.

Darkness: Magical darkness spreads from a point within range to fill a three-yard radius sphere for the duration.