Waking Up

The High Road
Jarhild Stoneforge After fending off the bandits.

Details Edit

Waking up is part of the main quest in the prologue of Sword Coast Legends, and is gained automatically upon finishing the quest Survive!. You are woken up from your dream in The High Road by Jarhild, a fellow member of the Order of the Burning Dawn. After a brief conversation you are sent out to find the third member of your guild that is acting as a guard for this caravan, Belamy Lightfingers.

Quest objectives Edit

  1. Find Belamy
  2. Survive the ambush
  3. Return to the caravan
  4. Defend the caravan

Walkthrough Edit

You will start out at the southern end of the map alongside a road, your first task being to find Belamy. He can be found at the other end of the camp, simply follow the road to the north to find him. Take note that there are several containers with items to be found along the way, as well as a few NPC's that will give you some side-quests.

As soon as you have found Belamy you will find he has killed some bandits. After a short dialogue the road will be blocked and you will be attacked by some more bandits. Clear the initial wave of bandits that attack you and Belamy, after which he will join your party, then continue back to the caravan. Along the way there will be some more bandits to be fought, once you have reached Jarhild you will find Illydia and Larethar there with her.

Some more dialogue will follow, after which a new part of the map will open up, through which yet another wave of bandits will attack - this time backed up by a spellcaster. After defeating the bandits, this quest will be finished, leading into the next one : After Them!

Journal Edit

Quest stage Description
1 The night brought strange dreams. Jarhild shook you awake and admitted to sharing the same dream before asking that you go down the road to fetch Belamy so you can all help the caravan you're escorting get back on the road.
2 Two dead sentries lay dead at the feet of Belamy when you found him. He explained the bandits attacked him as he approached the pass. As you spoke, more bandits approached and set of a hidden blockade, and now you find yourself fighting for your life.
3 The enemies that attacked were lightly armored scouts, and you dispatched them with ease. You must warn Jarhild about both the bandits and the blocked road.
4 You arrived back at the caravan just as more bandits attacked from the forest. You're being paid to see this caravan safely to Luskan. Defend the caravan at all costs.
5 The bandits were routed, but two wagons were completely destroyed in the attack. The caravan leader is sure to dock your pay.